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Kidd, Joel & Alvin

The Joel Futterman - Kidd Jordan TRIO with Alvin Fielder

is a co-op group of seasoned exponents of the extension of America's unique contribution to the arts - jazz, or America's classical music. Over the last four years, this new working ensemble has developed an exciting and creative form of music based in the uncommon depth of listening and interactions between Joel and Kidd. Their performances are clearly spontaneous conscious compositions in the moment, demonstrating their mutual musical affection and sensitivities.

Members of the group include:

Joel Futterman (piano, curved soprano saxophone, Indian flute) of Virginia Beach, Virginia;
Edward ‘Kidd’ Jordan (saxophones) of New Orleans, Louisiana;
Alvin Fielder (drums) of Jackson, Mississippi;
and other musicians from time to time.

The Joel Futterman - Kidd Jordan Trio with Alvin Fielder TRIO is available for concerts, recordings, seminars, musical lectures, residencies, and workshops. The group could be constituted as a duo, trio, or quartet.

For more information about the TRIO and their availability for performances, recordings, and educational programs, please contact Jazz Visions

TRIO Recordings:

Live at the Tampere Jazz Happening 2000

Charles Lester Music CLM 26-006
This is the Trio in an electrifying live performance that had to be released. My photos are on the CD booklet.

New Orleans Rising

The Joel Futterman - Kidd Jordan Quartet, Konnex KCD 5076
The Trio in the studio with bassist Elton Heron the night following their triumphant New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival appearance in May 1996

The cover with my photos and graphic layout

Nickelsdorf Konfrontation

The Joel Futterman-Kidd Jordan Quintet,Silkheart 143
The Trio plus Mats Gustafsson - tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone and Barry Guy - acoustic bass, in a studio after their July 1996 Nickelsdorf Festival appearance in Austria.

Southern Extreme

The Joel Futterman-Kidd Jordan Trio, Drimala Records
The TRIO at Mississippi State University, Starkeville, Mississippi, November 1997.

The TRIO at the Southern Extreme concert/recording session.

The CD is only sold at the Drimala site or at gigs (or contact me). My photos of the recorded concert are in the booklet and on the web site.

My photos in the CD booklet of Southern Extreme.


The Joel Futterman - Kidd Jordan Duo, Kali Records
Kidd Jordan - saxophones and Joel Futterman - piano, soprano saxophone, and Indian flute recorded in concert in Columbus, Ohio in January 1995. This wonderful new CD shows the amazing rapport between Kidd and Joel. It is sold on the Kali Records site or at gigs.

My photo of Kidd featured on the cover of the
Columbus Dispatchentertainment section, the weekend
of the Revelations concert/recording session.

Also Kidd is featured on the William Fischer recording Cross Bronx Concerto/Tchoupitoulis Tales.

Other recent appearances:

The TRIO plus bassist William Parker at the 2000 Vision Festival in NYC

Kidd Jordan’s Improvisational Arts Quintet with Joel Futterman at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001

The TRIO in Meridian, Mississippi, June 1997

Kidd Jordan and Alvin Fielder at Jones Community College, Ellisville, Mississippi, September 1997

The TRIO at the Lunar Cabaret, Chicago, 1995

Additional information about the TRIO and the recordings of its members is available at the Drimala site.

Photo Gallery:

Joel Futterman at Mapleshade Studios, January 1997

Kidd Jordan at theSun Ra Tribute at Southern University, May 1994 (Nice T-shirt!)

Alvin Fielder recording at Mapleshade Studios, January 1997

Kidd Jordan jamming with artist-in-residence Cecil Taylor during the Louis Armstong Jazz Camp in New Orleans, summer 1995

Joel Futterman & Kidd Jordan at the 1996 New Orleans Jazz Fest

Elton Heron, Alvin Fielder, and Kidd Jordan at New Orleans Jazz Fest 1996.

Kidd Jordan at the 1999 Massachusetts concert that produced the CD 2 Days in April, on Eremite Records.

Alvin Fielder at the 1997 Mississippi State University concert.

The TRIO plus bassist William Parker after leaving nothing behind at the 2000 Vision Festival.

Kidd soloing with Alan Silva and the Vision Festival Orchestra at their recording session during the 1999 Vision Festival - soon to be an Eremite Records CD.

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