In Memorium, Alvin Fielder, 1935-2019

Sadly, drummer Alvin Fielder, the heartbeat of the Trio passed on January 5, 2019. Alvin was a drummer's drummer. He generously supported drummers in need and was a consumate musician himself. He was a founding member of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) in Chicago and teamed with Roscoe Mitchell on the watershed recording SOUND, which documented an innovative direction in creative music. Alvin was a most encouraging and delightful friend and an endless source of great jazz history recollections. He was always upbeat and very funny. He loved to play Monk, but found a most compatible creative partner in Edward Kidd Jordan in the mid '70s. Later, together with pianist Joel Futterman, they teamed to form the Trio dedicated to spontaneous in the moment improvisation based in their skilled ability of listening and interacting. They performed and recorded as often as possible, but the resultant recordings rarely found production. They are still available. Alvin is already greatly missed and I have created this album of a chronolgy of my photographs in his memory.

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In 2008, the Vision Festival honored Edward 'Kidd' Jordan and I was pleased to be able to present a digital projection of photos of my friend Kidd. Probably few saw the presentation of 82 images, which ran in the second room during two 15 minute breaks between sets by Kidd and friends in the main room. People were more likely heading out to the street to escape the brutal heat inside the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center. I have converted the slideshow to an album/slideshow and have added more images to bring it up to date, including those from the 2008 Vision Festival and beyond.

Kidd Jordan Album

More information about JOEL FUTTERMAN can be found ON HIS WEBSITE, with trio and other recordings, that can be heard and ordered. If you link to his site, please come back.

In combination with the addition of the album of Alvin Fielder photos, I have done an overdue major update to this page.
New recordings, performances and photographs are greatly expanded; Trio activities, as well as other projects of
Kidd, Joel & Alvin

Kidd Jordan - Joel Futterman - Alvin Fielder

Over the last twenty years, their working ensemble developed an exciting and creative form of music based in the uncommon depth of listening and interactions. Their performances are clearly spontaneous conscious compositions in the moment, demonstrating their mutual musical affection and sensitivities.

Joel Futterman (piano, Indian flute and formerly curved soprano saxophone) of Virginia Beach, Virginia;
Edward ‘Kidd’ Jordan (saxophones) of New Orleans, Louisiana;
Alvin Fielder (drums) of Jackson, Mississippi;
and other musicians from time to time.

The trio has been regularly joined in recent times by bassist William Parker, in a group formation known as Creative Collective.

Unreleased tapes are available for possible production. For more information about the TRIO and their recordings, please contact me at Jazz Visions mail


Masters of Improvisation CD recorded live in New Orleans, Valid Records
The Masters of Improvisation quartet consisted of Kidd Jordan, Joel Futterman and Alvin Fielder, joined by
trombonist Steve Swell. It was recorded in performance January 24, 2017 in New Orleans
and is available on on Joel Futterman's web site.

The September 11, 2011 Guelph Jazz Festival performance by the Creative Collective quartet featuring saxophonist Kidd Jordan, pianist Joel Futterman,
bassist William Parker, & drummer Alvin Fielder was recorded and is available. Creative Collective 01

Live at the Guelph Jazz Festival 2011

Photographs from Guelph are by Susan O'Connor/, the layout is mine.

Live at the Tampere Jazz Happening 2000 Charles Lester Music CLM 26-006
This is the Trio in an electrifying live performance that had to be released. My photos are on the CD booklet.

New Orleans Rising The Joel Futterman - Kidd Jordan Quartet, Konnex KCD 5076
The Trio in the studio with bassist Elton Heron the night following their triumphant New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival appearance in May 1996.
The cover graphic design and photos are by me.

Southern Extreme - The Joel Futterman-Kidd Jordan Trio, Drimala Records
The TRIO at Mississippi State University, Starkeville, Mississippi, November 1997.

The TRIO at the Southern Extreme concert/recording session.

My photos of the recorded concert are in the CD booklet of Southern Extreme.

Revelation - The Joel Futterman - Kidd Jordan Duo, Kali Records
Kidd Jordan - saxophones and Joel Futterman - piano, soprano saxophone, and Indian flute recorded in concert in Columbus, Ohio in January 1995.
Kidd invited Joel to participate in this performance and marks the first time that Kidd and Joel recorded together. The availability of this CD is highly questionable.

My photo of Kidd featured on the cover of the
Columbus Dispatch entertainment section, the weekend
of the Revelations concert/recording.

Nickelsdorf Konfrontation, The Joel Futterman-Kidd Jordan Quintet, Silkheart 143
The Trio plus Mats Gustafsson - tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone and Barry Guy - acoustic bass, in a studio after their July 1996 Nickelsdorf Festival appearance in Austria.

New Orleans Festival Suite, Kidd Jordan Quartet - with Joel Futterman, Alvin Fielder & William Parker, Live at the Dream Palace, New Orleans, May 2, 1999

INTERACTION, Kidd Jordan & Joel Futterman duo, an independent artist's release produced by Joel Futterman, December 2009, Studio recording, Fairfax, VA

INTERINFINITY is an independent artist's release produced by Joel Futterman and master drummer Alvin Fielder, diverse improvised duos from June 26, 2013.


THROUGH THE MIRROR, A trio recording independently produced by saxophonist/bass clarinetist Ike Levin, pianist Joel Futterman,
and drummer Alvin Fielder, recorded in California October 6, 2013.

Through the Mirror

Samples of INTERACTION, INTERINFINITY and THROUGH THE MIRROR as well as other recordings, can be heard and ordered on Joel Futterman's web site.

Kidd Jordan appeared on two EREMITE RECORDS all-star sessions. My photographed graced the covers:

the all-star game , allen/drake/jordan/parker/silva, Recorded December 1, 2000, ICA Theater, Boston, eremite 044

all-star game

My photo is on the cover

2 days in april, fred anderson, hamid drake, kidd jordan, william parker, Recorded April 1999, Killian Hall, MIT,eremite 23/24

2 days in april

Other Recordings:

Trio and Duo in New Orleans, Kidd Jordan, Alvin Fielder, Peter Kowald, 2002 & 2005, No Business Records NBCD 64-65

No Compromise, Improvisational Arts Quintet, Kidd Jordan, Alvin Fielder, Clyde Kerr, Jr., Elton Heron, London Branch, 1983, Danjor 002

The New New Orleans Music: New Music Jazz,Improvisational Arts Quintet, Kidd Jordan, Alvin Fielder, Kent Jordan, Clyde Kerr, Jr., Elton Heron, Darryl Levigne, Johnathan Bloom, February 12, 1986, Rounder CD 2066

Cross Bronx Concerto/Tchoupitoulis Tales Kidd Jordan, featured on the William Fischer recording.

vita brevis, Borah Bergman, Kidd Jordan, William Parker & Michael Wimberly

Palm of Soul, Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake &William Parker, September 23, 2005, Aum Fidelity AUM038

Kidd' Stuff, Kidd Jordan & the Elekrik Band, September 1984, New Orleans, Danjor 001

A Night In November - Live In New Orleans, Kidd Jordan &Hamid Drake, November 20, 2011, Valid Records VR-1015

Kidd Jordan On Fire, Kidd Jordan, Harrison Bankhead & Warren Smith, June 11, 2011, Engine e042

Traveling Through Now, Joel Futterman, Alvin Fielder, & Ike Levin, October 2007, Charles Lester Music CLM 26 012

A Measure of Time, Alvin Fielder Trio, Chris Parker, Dennis Gonzalez, & guests Aaron Gonzalez & Stefan Gonzalez, December 2005 & March 2006, Clean Feed

The Shape Finds Its Own Space, Alvin Fielder, Grode Gjerstad & Damon Smith, 2016, FMRCD429-1116

Six Situations, Joe McPhee, Alvin Fielder & Damon Smith, September 13, 2016

after effects, Danny Kamins, Damon Smith, Alvin Fielder & Joe Hertenstein, April 1, 2016, FMRCD448-9517

Song for Chico, Alvbin Fielder/Damon Smith duo,November 30, 2013, Balance Point Acoustic BPA-6

From-To-From, Alvin Fielder, David Dove, Jason Jackson & Damon Smith,Fenruary 28, 2013, bpa 015

Debenge-Debenge, Dennnis Gonzalez NEW DALLASORLEANSSIPPI, with Marlon Jorda, Charles Brackeen, Kidd Jordan, Malachi Favors, Henry Franklin, Alvin Fielder & W.A. Richardson, Silkheart112

the gift of discernment, dennis gonzalez jnaana septet, with Alvin Fielder, Chris Parker, Aaron Gonzalez, Stefan Gonzalez, Leena Conquest & Debbie Mercado

Resurrection and Life, Dennis Gonzalez Yells At Eels, with Alvin Fielder, Gaika James, Aaron Gonzalez & Stefan Gonzalez, Ayler Records 125, (note Alvin's compositionss Max-Well and the title tune)

Old Time Revival, Dennis Gonzalez New Southern Quintet, with Tim Green, Andrew Lamb, Alvin Fielder & Malachi Favors, August 20, 2002, Entropy Stereo ESR014

M41 - The Orbit of Sirius, Andrew Lamb, Chris Parker & Alvin Fielder


The Grand Opening Concert of the new George and Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center on December 12, 2014 in New Orleans featured music by saxophonist Edward "Kidd" Jordan, who founded the Jazz & Heritage Foundation's Heritage School of Music in 1990. Joining him was Joel Futterman, William Parker, and Alvin Fielder. (The Creative Collective)

The Joel Futterman/Alvin Fielder/Ike Levin Creative Music Trio performed at Duende, in Oakland, California on October 3, 2013. They also made a studio recording.

The Creative Collective featuring Kidd Jordan, Joel Futterman, William Parker, and Alvin Fielder played at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on May 2, 2013 at the WWOZ Jazz Tent.

The Creative Collective played next at the Yellow Scarf, in Jackson Mississippi on May 3, 2013.

On November 16, 2012 Joel appeared with Kidd Jordan, William Parker, and Alvin Fielder (Creative Collective) at the IV International Jazz Festival "SibJazzFest" in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

The TRIO plus bassist William Parker at the 2000 Vision Festival in NYC

Kidd Jordan’s Improvisational Arts Quintet with Alvin Fielder and Joel Futterman frequently performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

The TRIO in Meridian, Mississippi, June 1997

Kidd Jordan and Alvin Fielder at Jones Community College, Ellisville, Mississippi, September 1997

The TRIO at the Lunar Cabaret, Chicago, 1995

Old Photo Gallery:

Joel Futterman at Mapleshade Studios, January 1997

Kidd Jordan at the Sun Ra Tribute at Southern University, May 1994 (Nice T-shirt - with my photo, but unfortunately no longer available)

Alvin Fielder recording at Mapleshade Studios, January 1997

Kidd Jordan jamming with artist-in-residence Cecil Taylor during the Louis Armstong Jazz Camp in New Orleans, summer 1995

Joel Futterman & Kidd Jordan at the 1996 New Orleans Jazz Fest

Elton Heron, Alvin Fielder, and Kidd Jordan at New Orleans Jazz Fest 1996.

Kidd Jordan at the 1999 Massachusetts concert that produced the CD 2 Days in April, on Eremite Records.

Alvin Fielder at the 1997 Mississippi State University concert.

The TRIO plus bassist William Parker after leaving nothing behind at the 2000 Vision Festival.

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