Kim Russell Seibert's New CD - Sweet Silence

Sweet Silence

Improvisational Song Poems
by Kim Russell Seibert with music by
Joel Futterman and Edward "Kidd" Jordan

a unique combination of artists occurring through a series of fortuitous circumstances…All three interacted dynamically, rhythmically, and melodically; shifting at effectively fitting moments…. the remarkable timing, harmony, and musical/poetic compatibilities evidence near psychic abilities. The sensitive musical support magnifies the sense of each poem….This session demonstrates that exciting art with universal appeal can result when minds are kept open and creativity is permitted to flow.....Michael Wilderman

Working from the in-the-moment imagery cast by Kim’s poetry, Joel and Kidd weave a rich tapestry from deep listening, resolution, and connection, transcending any musical preconceptions.....Philip Egert

I photographed the recording session and used the photos in the 8-panel CD package, for which I did the graphic layout. I also provided my reflections on the session.

For more information and availablity of CD contact: Kim Russell Seibert
PO Box 105, Port Carbon, PA 17965

Sample photos:

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