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I did the photo, oil pastel, and layout for Joel Futterman's new CD Remembering Dolphy.
It's piano solo explorations of the music of Eric Dolphy.
Music samples (and other photos of mine) at: joelfutterman.com

I also did the cover for Joel Futterman's new CD Albert's Bells.
These are previously unreleased 1993 recordings, including six originals plus Naima and Prelude to a Kiss.
Music samples at: joelfutterman.com

I provided the layout and photo montages for Byron Morris' new CD Unity, A Retrospective.
The music is a collection of recordings that Unity made during the late '70s and early '80s.
Listen to the music samples at the site.


The much anticipated book on the AACM by George Lewis,
A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and Experimental Music
from University of Chicago Press, it uses my photo of the Art Ensemble of Chicago:

The new Sun Ra All Stars CD box set from Transparency
with my photo on the cover

Sun Ra All-Stars CD
Transparency can be accessed though their My Space page.

The CD by JD Parran & Marl Deutsch, Omegathorp: Living City issued by Y'All of New York
It uses a couple of my photos:

JD Parran

Cecil Taylor and Mat Maneri Algonquin - CD recorded at the Library of Congress in 1999.

The photos on the cover and in the package are mine. This CD is available at the Bridge Records web site.

Kidd Jordan-Joel Futterman-Alvin Fielder Live at the Tampere Jazz Happening 2000

This is the Trio in an electrifying live performance that had to be released. My photos are on the CD booklet.
This CD is available on-line at Charles Lester Music

The Byron Morris & Unity CD Y2K

I did the photography and graphic layout, and Byron and I collaborated on the design.
Click HERE to see a page with my photos from the album package.

The Eremite CD, The All-Star Game, with the incredible combination of
Marshall Allen, Kidd Jordan, Alan Silva and William Parker (both on bass), and Hamid Drake.

I photographed the performances and montaged the cover image from two separate pictures.
Click on the cover image for an enlarged version autographed by the artists.

The Kalaparush and the Light CD, The Moment, is out on Entropy Stereo.

The cover image was also used for a poster for Kalaparush's tour of Poland in early March.

Check the Entropy Stereo site.

The Anthony Braxton CD on Delmark -Four Compositions (GTM) 2000
Delmark DG-544

Anthony Braxton's first two albums, Three Compositions Of New Jazz (1968) and For Alto (1969) were released on Delmark.
It is fitting that the present rare quartet version of his self-described Ghost Trance Music be released more than 30 years later on the same label.
Anthony Braxton, woodwinds; Kevin Uehlinger, piano, melodica; Keith Witty, bass; Noam Schatz, percussion.

Click HERE to go to the Delmark web site.

Paul Murphy Trio CD on Cadence - enarre
Cadence 1147CD

This trio includes drummer Paul Murphy, pianist Joel Futterman, and cellist Kash Killion. I attended and photographed the hot recording session that produced this album. This music is fresh and unique.
Click HERE to go to the Cadence web site.

More CDs:

raphe malik quartet - Companions
raphe malik trumpet
paul murphy trap drums
william parker double bass
glenn spearman tenor saxophone

This CD was recorded at the 1998 Vision Festival, and is one of Glenn Spearman's last recordings. Inside is a group photo from the event. I took the wrap-around photo of all four artists at the 1997 Fire In The Valley Festival. Click on the link for Eremite Records for ordering and other information.

hamid drake & sabir mateen - brothers together
hamid drake frame & trap drums
sabir mateen clarinets, flute, alto & tenor saxophones, vocals

A CD presenting two great kindred musical spirits interacting. There are performance photos of Hamid and Sabir inside. Click on the link for Eremite Records for ordering and other information.

Alan Silva & The Sound Visions Orchestra

Alan Silva & The Sound Visions Orchestra. This CD was recorded during the 1999 Vision Festival, and includes an impressive collection of improvising musicians under the spontaneous directions of Silva. The CD contains my photos of the event. Click on the link for Eremite Records for ordering and other information.

Kidd Jordan-Fred Anderson CD

The hot Kidd Jordan-Fred Anderson-William Parker-Hamid Drake 2 CD set. This CD 2 Days in April is also on Eremite Records and has several of my photos, including the cover. Contact Eremite Records for information.

Kim Russell Seibert's Sweet Silence
Improvisational Song Poems with music by Joel Futterman and Kidd Jordan.
I did the photography and graphic layout for the 8-panel package.


These CDs by Cecil Taylor and Sonny Stitt were on 1201 Music and have my photos on the covers. They don't seem to be currently available.



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