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Lester Bowie Gallery Lester Bowie was the most important trumpeter of the last 30 years, but was marginalized by the media and industry as "avant garde" - despite his obvious cross-over appeal. Lester personified both the best of the music and the worst of the problems in the music business. In tribute to Lester, I present a gallery of photos selected from the many I was delighted to take of this great artist.

to the Sun Ra page Sun Ra was a great treat to hear and a wonderful subject to photograph. His listeners seems to grow daily, despite his departure from this planet in 1993. I offer a sample gallery of photos of Sun Ra, his compatriots, and the Sun Ra Arkestra now led by Marshall Allen - that is delightfully carrying on his music and memory.

Trio thumbnail The Joel Futterman - "Kidd" Jordan Trio with Alvin Fielder bring 'listening' to a new level. They now have a number of recordings and appeared at the 2000 Vision Festival in New York and the Tampere Festival in Finland. My page has lots of photos and information about their CDs, some with my photos.

Byron Morris & Unity Live at the East Coast Jazz Festival Byron Morris has led Unity since the '70s, and the band had been reenergized with the additions of Hilton Ruiz on piano and Eddie Allen on trumpet and musical director. After the tragic loss of Hilton, performances of Unity have been temporarily (hopefully) suspended. I did the graphic layout and interior photography for their CD, "Live at the East Coast Jazz Festival". You can hear samples at Byron's site.

Their most recent CD is "Byron Morris & Unity Y2K" for which I did the photogrpahy and graphic layout, and collaborated with Byron on the design. Click HERE to see a page with my photos from the album package.

Photos in Memory of Hilton Ruiz
I am presently managing Byron Morris' website and we have collaborated on a page of my photos in memory of Hilton Ruiz. Hilton was a dynamic player and a beautiful warm and positive person. He is deeply missed. Please return to my site after viewing the Hilton photos on Byron's site.



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