New Jazz Link Collection - Musical Playgrounds for Kids: The History of Jazz Music

Tracy, a librarian in Salt Lake City, running a fun jazz music history class for 4th-8th grade students used my link information for a recent group project. A young student, Olivia, suggested sharing the article where she initially became interested in jazz music, "Musical Playgrounds for Kids: The History of Jazz Music." Please click on the link, and thanks to Tracy and Olivia for helping to encourage youth to discover this great musical culture.

Jazz Links and My Photos at Other Web Sites:


Joel Futterman's Site - I'm managing Joel's site and there are a number of my photos - including CD designs.


The National Endowmment of the Arts 30th anniversary Jazz Masters publication contains a bunch of my photos.


South Carolina is proud of its native son Dizzy Gillespie. Scroll down to 1940.


Photo of David with Dizzy Gillespie and Percy Heath


Eremite - has used a number of my photos on its CDs. With Raphe Malik, Jemeel Moondoc, Glenn Spearman, Trio Hurricane, Peter Brotzmann, Alan Silva, William Parker, Kidd Jordan, Fred Anderson, Marshall Allen, Hamid Drake, Test, Tom Bruno, Sabir Mateen, Denis Charles, etc.

Aum Fidelity - with William Parker, David S. Ware, Matthew Shipp, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri, Other Dimensions In Music

Mahakal Music - with Chad Fowler, Joel Futterman, Kiff Jordan


Capitalbop Current music presenters - calendars and information.

The Library of Congress Jazz Collections and more at the Library of Congress

The Felix E. Grant Jazz Archives - At the University of the District of Columbia

DC Jazz - Another DC area site with jazz musician websites, CD store, jukebox and free MP3s.

Blues Alley

Washington DC's Jazz Supper Club


Point of Departure - Bill Shoemaker's on-line jazz e-zine takes a great look at the progressive side of "jazz." With guest columnists, reviews, contsts, and many of my photos (search the archives).

Jazz Times - Jazz news, jazz concert reviews, in-depth features, photography, artist profiles, reviews.

Down Beat - Magazine devoted to "jazz, blues and beyond" Daily online news from Down Beat magazine.

Jazz Improv Magazine - Magazine with music and ideas for all jazz enthusiasts.

All-About-Jazz - Great Jazz Resources and Information. Monthly columns, active chat forum, and browsable archive including artists' profiles, photos, gigs, festivals, news, reviews, and interviews.

Jerry Jazz Musician - E-zine featuring sketches of jazz greats, album art and liner notes, feature articles and sound files.

Vision Festival - America's premier festival of creative music, poetry, dance, art and photography.

Jazz Journalist Association - Online zine of the Jazz Journalists Association. Articles, photos, reviews, discussions on all aspects of jazz contributed by members of the JJA.

The Institute of Jazz Studies - It says "the world's foremost jazz archive and research facility"

The Chicago Institute of Jazz - Great information, get their newsletter.

Jazz-Institut Darmstadt - Europe's largest public research archive on jazz.

New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park - The recent addition to the National Park system commemorates the origin and development of jazz. Check the schedule if you're going to New Orleans.

Michael Fitzgerald's Home Page - Discographies and jazz research. Also see additional discographies at:

Jazz Discography Project and (Accuracy of this discography may be questionable)

Big Apple Jazz - New York City Jazz Club Bible.

LINKS to OTHER RESOURCES FOR MUSICIANS and FANS: - Educate people about the latest scams and methods for safeguarding personal data and notify consumers of health and safety risks attributable to personal and financial data vulnerability, among other things. - helps musicians, vocalists, and others quit smoking and lead healthier lives.

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